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Bharti's career as a performer and recording artist spans more than forty years, five continents and a multitude of genres - psychedelic rock, blues, folk, country, punk, new wave, meditation, Indian classical, world, fusion, rockabilly, progressive rock, Afro/Latin, reggae, pop, new age, folkrock and parody. He plays acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, mandocello, dilruba, and drums.

Major influences include in roughly chronological order: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Radio Birdman, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Osho and the music created for his meditation techniques by Deuter, Paul Simon (Gracelands) and The Buena Vista Social Club. Cream bassist Jack Bruce is his most important influence as a singer, musician and songwriter. He studied Indian classical music and the dilruba (a bowed cello-like instrument) with Pandit Shekhar Borkar, disciple of world-famous sarod master Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

bharti playing bass guitarHe has performed in Australia, New Zealand, India, Taiwan, Mexico, U.S.A., Germany, Czech, Holland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and England with a wide variety of artists including Harry Manx, Gyan, Danny Rumour (The Cruel Sea) and Milarepa. He currently coordinates live music for Osho Satsang and Nataraj meditations in Byron Shire (Australia) for the Osho Mevlana Foundation and plays bass with folk-rock band The Atmospheres, dilruba with kirtan group Carmella Baynie & The Bhakti Raga Ensemble, guitar with cabaret artists Vaudeville Of The Vulva and drums with anti-nuclear protesters Back Deck Rehearsal.


The bands Bharti can remember playing in include:
  • Leadbelly
  • Friends
  • Streetlife
  • Irving & The U-Bombs
  • Orange Juice
  • Haiku
  • Swinging Moods
  • Fireeaters
  • The Home For Incurables
  • The Osho Institute Of Music and Celebration
  • The Sofa Kartoffelpuffer Band
  • The Good Ol' Buddhas
  • Viva La Bimba!
  • The Clean Living Guys
  • Los Bobos Cosmicos
  • Love & Passion
  • Hartwood
  • Poona Loona
  • the capitali$ts
  • Milarepa & The One Sky Band
  • The Atmospheres
  • Carmella Baynie & The Bhakti Raga Ensemble
  • Vaudeville Of The Vulva
  • Back Deck Rehearsal
  • Holy Voodoo
  • Russell Hibbs and Tzolkin