creativitycreativity catalyst

' I   a l w a y s   s a i d   y o u   w e r e   a   c a t a l y s t . '   Gyan

cata·lyst (katə list′)

2. a person or thing acting as the stimulus in bringing about or hastening a result


For Bharti the recording process is primarily a journey of self-discovery for artist, engineer and producer alike. He has worked with hundreds of musicians and songwriters throughout his career as a bandleader, musical director, arranger and producer. This experience combined with personal growth work and meditation gives him a deep understanding of the creative process and working with people in an empowering way. His relaxed, accepting approach has won him many fans.

Bharti is the best bandleader I’ve ever worked with. His directions are so clear and easy to follow.’

Prem Adarsha, English guitarist

In 1979 Bharti became a disciple of Indian mystic Osho and experienced the benefits of his radical teachings and meditation techniques. He underwent group therapy, lived and worked in spiritual communities and leant the art of creating music for meditation. He was fortunate to work as a musician in the Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, India from 1989 till 2003. There, along with hundreds of musicians from round the world, he played and recorded music for daily meditations, celebrations and healing events, and learnt how to work with creative artists in a sensitive, nurturing way.

He also learnt the art of making do with what you have, creating something out of nothing and having a Plan B. He prefers to co-produce the artists he records, helping them find and develop their unique inner voice. He believes that the role of a producer is to help the artist uncover their vision and take it to a higher level – and have a lot of fun in the process!

Image - 'Painting With Bharti' by Geoffrey Stapleton (1991)