record producer byron bay

recording_studioBharti's first production was in 1989. He recorded the Good Ol' Buddhas in his bedroom in the elephant stalls of Laxmi Vilas, a decaying Maharajah's palace in Pune, India, on a borrowed four-track cassette recorder (thanks, Bodhi!). Today he uses state-of-the-art Pro Tools and Ableton Live software and old-school valve technology to create outstanding productions with warmth, clarity, depth and soul. His skills create a relaxed, supportive environment where artists are inspired to shine.

Bharti learnt the art of music production from his mentor Geoffrey Stapleton, keyboardist for legendary Australian band Ganggajang. He was deeply impressed by Geoff’s ability to draw fantastic performances out of the people he produced by being empathic, eclectic, funny and seeing the inner artist in everyone. Bharti went on to play with hundreds of musicians from around the world at Osho Meditation Resort in India, where he honed his songwriting, arranging, performance and production skills and learnt invaluable communication and relaxation techniques that shape his current work. In recent years he studied for a Bachelor of Audio Production degree at SAE Byron Bay.

Bharti has produced the following artists:

  • The Good Ol’ Buddhas
  • Viva La Bimba! (hear them)
  • The Clean Living Guys
  • Los Bobos Cosmicos (borrow it!)
  • Hartwood
  • Abodha and Namaste
  • Endless Skies
  • Saffron Moon
  • the capitali$ts
  • The Atmospheres
  • Backdeck Rehearsal
  • Bek Webber
  • Slim Pickens (hear them)
  • Robert Grayson
  • Thatchwork City
  • Ghostbuskers
  • Ramakanta and The Osho Energy School
  • The Lucky Wonders (hear them)
  • Alice Blu (hear them)
  • Mick McHugh (hear him)


  • Brigid Prain (hear her)
  • Laura-Doe's Vaudeville of the Vulva (hear it)
  • Vasudha and Jem
  • Cathy Toka
  • Garth Jones Productions
  • Chrissie Dubens
  • Cassady Blank
  • Holy Voodoo (hear them)

'Hey bharti, just a quick mail to let u know i love the mixes, they sound great, well done man. I feel so lucky to work with u, thanks. talk to u soon.' Mick McHugh