S.O.S. – A reinterpretation of ABBA’s pop classic ‘S.O.S.’ as performed by punk legends The Sex Pistols. It includes a bridge of The Sex Pistols’ ‘Pretty Vacant’ as performed by ABBA. Little known pop culture factoid – Sex Pistol’s songwriter Glen Matlock stole the riff for ‘Pretty Vacant’ from “S.O.S.’

Sunshine Of Your Love – An electronica remix of Cream’s 1967 hard rock hit, with a hint of 70’s prog rock icons Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s trademark synth sounds.

We Are Born, We Die – A contemporary Celtic rock ballad by Brigid Prain.

Party Time – A treasure from the vaults - the sound of ecstacy in action with Byron Bay dance band, Viva la Bimba